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Gitania flag

Gitania, officially known as the Republic of Gitania (Gitani Republiš), is a self-proclaimed country or micronation that is found within the boundaries of Houston, TX. With an exact population of 12 , Gitania is the least populated country in all of North America. Gitania occupies a small land of 1.60 km2, including two houses in Cypress city, and put their largest city Übe as their official capital, they also claimed several territories in Germany and Vietnam. The name “Gitania” comes from a currency that was used by early Gitanians even before the actual country was established. The name Gitania was then found in old documentations scattering in Gitania’s former territory, which is now deserted since the President moved to the United States of America. Before the Republic of Gitania was found, Gitania was a Kingdom that was founded in August 2009 with the coronation of King Beo. The Kingdom of Gitania declared independency from its mother country Vietnam in August 2013 as the result of The Great Migration of the Gitanian people. A day later, however, Gitania became a colony of the United States of America under the governing of the state of Texas.In 5-2-2015 after the referendum of the people of Gitania, Gitania had became a Federal Republic consist of 2 states and 3 territories. However, after a month and 2 days due to the differences in culture and race, the people of the state of Ipateskuh had decided to gain independence and established their own country. The government of Gitania can do nothing but follow their will. After this event, Gitania federation collapsed. Up until now, the country still has not declared total independence and still haven't recognized by any other nation.

Gitania is currently under full dominion of the Nguyen clan, a clan that is superior in both economy and political terms. Nguyen clan, despite currently ruling Gitania, the clan does not consider Gitania as a country since its first days of foundation. The Nguyen clan has a 

Gitanian empire

The capital state of Gitania (star), it territories (blue) and the state of Ipateskuh that gained independence (red).

commanding economy system that enforces people to work without salaries, however they are provided with basic

daily needs such as food or housing. Antithetical of the Nguyen clan is the Democratic Party of Gitania, the true founders of Gitania and has always been supporting the well-being of Gitania and its people. The Democratic Party allows a better economy system, encouraging the people to work cosmetics and creativity items that support the Gitanian economy, thus giving a better system of welfare, a work-for-cash system that has been proven to work very well. The two contrasting parties and two contrasting economic classifications eventually shaped Gitania into a mixed economy system. However, the economy of Gitania is still largely dependent on Nguyen Clan.

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